August 23, 2009

The weekend

I've been wanting to make sure that I post all of the things I've done. (Will post links when possible, so click 'em!)
Briefly went to a street festival in Spanish Harlem. Went back to 125th corridor to do some shopping, bought a new dress! Went out with my friend Ryan from Jersey to Megu.
Attempted to go to a Girl Talk concert in Brooklyn, but was discouraged by the terrible crowd and the ridiculous amount of time between the opening act and the headline. Discovered that Brooklyn is indeed full of nothing but Hipsters, yet ate some delicious pizza at Driggs Ave Pizza. Saw a guy do some cool pizza box tricks.
Finished unpacking my room, and explored my neighborhood a bit. Saw all of the ladies in Harlem wearing their Sunday's best. Apparently it's sunny in Heaven, as they all wear huge wide-brimmed hats.

My room and the view from my window. It's lovely to have trees outside!
Went to Pita Pan Cafe in Chelsea before standing in line for free tickets to Asssscat 3000 at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater. Saw Seth Meyers and other SNL writers do improv.

I know this was a very straight forward, fact-based entry; I'm actually tired. I'm off to go sleep in the city that never does. :)

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