September 25, 2009

Extracurriculars (Photos)

My front porch is a fantastic place. Renee (with an accent), Stella and I enjoy it.

I was kidnapped to New Jersey by Ryan and Chris a few weeks ago. This is to prove that NJ is beautiful.

These are belated pictures of New Hampshire. I visited my Field Organizer from the campaign in Concord, where he is currently attending Franklin Pierce Law School. We had lobster, scallops, and other "wonderful" delights. I might have scallops again, but ugh. I do not like sea food.

This was the SMALL ice cream cone. Chris and I got kiddie- sized ones after seeing this, but they was still enormous.

We decided to play "Shake your face for the camera."

I'll update more again soon. My phone is currently broken, so I haven't been able to stay in touch with people outside the city. I've been heavily relying on skype, which is not too pleasant.

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